Sports Complex District of Mount Waddington 


British Columbia, CA

Sports Arena


The Foreverlamp 200W HO model LED high bay lamp replaced the Metal Halide bay lamps providing a better quality of light wiht a CRI of >80 and 200W of energy savings. The difference in light quality is easy to see.



Existing metal halide high bay lamps in the sports arena used 400w fixtures and had a low CRI of <65 this creating a very low light environment. [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title="Results" tab_font="||||" tab_line_height="3em" tab_line_height_tablet="3em" tab_line_height_phone="3em" body_font="||||" body_line_height="2em" body_line_height_tablet="2em" body_line_height_phone="2em"]

Foreverlamp provided an easy to install solution that met the project criteria, resulted in a fast ROI, and delivered a very high quality of light that is energy efficient and long lasting at 60,000 + hours.


Energy cost savings per lamp:

  • 200W savings per fixture
  • 12 hours/day
  • 300 days/year
  • Avg Energy Cost: $.12/kwh
  • Avg Payback: 1.5  years

Functional benefits:

  • Better light quality over MH– CRI greater than 83
  • Much Longer Life (60,000 hours)
  • Simple Screw Out and Screw In Replacement
  • Instant On and Instant Off

400W METAL HALIDE RETROFIT – Product Details


  • 21,000 lumen lamp with uplight to illuminate Acrylic or Glass Dome fixtures
  • Lamp Life: 60,000 hours L70
  • 5000K, +83 CRI (5000K standard)
  • Instant On / Off
  • Dimmable with LED driver
  • Saves 200 Watts Per Socket
  • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballast
  • Replaces traditional Metal Halide Lamps for 400W – 175W
  • Patented cooling and innovative design
  • Features Direct-Fit EZ Install® technology
  • UL Recognized. LM 79 & LM 80 Reports available
  • 5-year warranty

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