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Optimize Warehouse Lighting & Energy Savings.


Commercial, cold storage warehouses and 3PL operators do not have many areas where they can reduce costs of operating. But one easy fix does exit. It’s as simple as changing existing old, inefficient metal halide or HPS high bay lighting with either plug and play high bay LED lamps or new high bay LED fixtures. Converting to high bay LED lighting will cut energy consumption by 50% or more.

Get additional energy savings with controls for the high bay LED lighting solutions like photo or occupancy sensors. The use of sensors in conjunction with high bay LED lamps or fixtures increases savings by not lighting areas of your warehouse until light is needed. Foreverlamp can provide a wide range of solutions; from plug and play high bay LED lamps in a variety of wattages and lumen packages to our high bay LED fixtures.

From 17,000 lumens, all the way up to 80,000 (see the new HB 5 fixture), with or without controls, Foreverlamp has a money saving solution for your facility. Affordably priced and engineered to last, Foreverlamp’s high bay lighting solutions provide a quick ROI. And if capital expenses are an issue, find out about our no cash up front options.

Commercial warehouse lighting must create an environment for optimum productivity and ease of navigation. High lumen LED lighting helps eliminate shadows and dark corners where accidents may occur. Today’s low performance HID warehouse lighting can account for up to 80% of the total utility use and don’t emit enough light.

“When the President of the company saw the visual difference of our old HPS lamps next to the new Foreverlamp LED’s – there was no comparison. He was extremely happy with our decision to upgrade.” – Facility Manager – Dupree Warehouse

Warehouse LED high bay Lights

Case Study

CCH Hawaii was in need of new lighting solutions to help with their warehouse operation. Dark areas in the corners of the facility and poor lumen output from their existing HID lighting system made identifying products difficult and increased processing time & overhead. CCH turned to Foreverlamp for a fill retrofit to LED high bay lights.

Recommended Products

J SERIES Foreverlamp Fanless Design Plug & Play LED High Bay Lamp

LED Plug & Play Lamp

To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 750W Magnetic Ballast

Suggested Product: JP-1KWD-SHO-750

  • 5000K. 70+ CRI.
  • 37,000 Lumens
  • 250W / 147 Lm/W
  • 3.7 lbs per lamp, 10.00” H x 9.25” W
HB5 aerospace LED high bay Lights

75,000 Lumen LED High Bay Light
Delivered Light Output: Up to 75,000 lumen
Input Power: Up to 520W
Power Source: Internal driver by Delta
CRI: + 70
CCT: 5000°K/4000°K
Input Voltage: 220-277 VAC, 277-480 VAC
Ambient Temperature: – 40°C to 65°C
Beam Spread: 100°
Weight: 20lbs

HB2 aerospace LED high bay Lights

28,000 Lumen LED High Bay Light
Delivered Light Output: Up to 28,000 lumen
Input Power: Up to 190W
Power Source: Internal driver by Delta
CRI: + 80
CCT: 5000°K/4000°K
Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC
Ambient Temperature: – 40°C to 55°C
Beam Spread: 100°
Weight: 14lbs

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