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Foreverlamp is a premium commercial & industrial LED lighting company founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. Headquartered in Torrance, CA, Foreverlamp also has regional offices in Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo.

We offer creative and attractive LED fixtures and lamps of exceptional quality and affordable prices to our high-end customers. Foreverlamp has taken its LED high bay lighting products to the highest level of lumen output available with the 75,000 lumen, 23 lbs., HB5 model that consumes a total of 522 system watts and HB6.1 up to 120,000 lumens at 890 watts. Our plug and play JP model lamp consumes only 250W to produce 37,000 lumen as a LED replacement for a 750W to 1000W HID lamp. Foreverlamp’s lumen packages range from 19,000 to 120,000. Our LED fixtures are state of the art, DLC Premium, fully controllable and IoT enabled. The transition towards LED products is an historic opportunity for the lighting industry and end users to contribute to a significant environmental improvement. Foreverlamp is at the leading edge of this movement.

Foreverlamp products are designed to deliver the highest quality when it comes to luminance, CCT, energy savings, longevity, dimming capabilities, controls compatibility, and aesthetics. Our products have been installed in applications ranging from big box International retail facilities, aerospace, sound studios, dry and cold storage operations and warehouses, auto dealerships, gymnasiums, manufacturing and other high bay applications. Foreverlamp LED products save 50% or more off the energy over a l l HID lamps and high bay fixtures, while providing many more features such as instant on/off, controllability, and better quality of light. With outstanding thermal management, reduced lumen depreciation, and the highest efficiency available in LED technology today, our products offer some of the best solutions and affordable pricing in the high bay lighting category


Thanks to its low energy consumption, a Foreverlamp LED product enables a savings of 50% compared to HID lamps.


Foreverlamp products are designed for long lasting life through state of the art technology maximizing the life of the LED chips.


Foreverlamp products are produced with great care, using only quality components of the highest possible standard.


Foreverlamp products are exceptionally priced and financing programs make them affordable for everyone.

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