Retrofit Solutions for High Wattage HID Applications

Ideal for Ceiling Heights

>35 ft – 55 ft.



High-performance lighting is of vital importance for indoor sports facilities for both spectators and players. In addition for those maintaining the facilities, low cost maintenance and reliability of the lighting system in outages is of paramount importance. With Foreverlamp plug and play technology indoor sports facilities can immediately upgrade to high performance LED systems offering long life, low maintenance, high quality and energy efficiency.



  • High CRI improves “seeability” for players and spectators
  • Instant on/off with existing ballasts – Electricity interruptions no longer create outages taking 15 or 20 minutes or more.
  • Virtually no lumen depreciation over 60,000 hours of use
  • 1000W through 400W LED plug and play replacement lamps
    • Plug-n-play – Features Direct-Fit EZ Install® technology
    • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballast
    • Lamp Life: LM-80 rated for 60,000 hours
  • 5 year warranty – very low maintenance
  • Avg. Payback < 12 months



JE/JK Series LED Lights

LED Retrofit Lamp

Very High Output To Replace 400W Metal Halide Lamps. 

Suggested Product: JE-400D-SO-750

  • 4000K
  • 18,000 lumens
  • Instant On / Off
  • Saves over 200 Watts Per Socket when operated on a 400W magnetic ballast
  • Works with existing magnetic pulse and probe start ballasts
  • Typical Payback: <18 months with 12 hours per day usage
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs.

LED Retrofit Lamp

To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 750W Magnetic Ballast

Suggested Product: JP-1KWD-SHO-750

  • 5000K / + 70 CRI
  • 37,000 Lumens
  • 250W / 147 Lm/W
  • Saves 620W per socket
  • 3.7 lbs per lamp, 10.00” H x 9.25” W

High Bay LED Fixture

To Replace 400W HID Fixtures

Suggested Product: HB-1-54-27D-850-12-HAD>106LM/W

  • Total Fixture Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Copper Free Aluminum Housing
  • Total System Power: 250W / 27,000 lm
  • Foreverlamp LED Lamps: 5000K / 103 Lm/W
  • Avg. Energy Cost: $.10/kwh
  • Avg. Payback < 12 months

“The design team at The BIG LUMEN Lighting Co. worked closely with me to come up with the best solution that meet our companies objectives.” – Facility Manager

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