LED Lighting Incentives

Energy Efficiency Program for Southern California utility customers targets lighting system upgrades with incentives that achieve an accelerated pay-back period and faster return on investment.

The cost upgrade old-tech high bay lighting has become more affordable, especially when you choose Foreverlamp plug and play LED retrofit lamps to replace existing HID lamps. The cost can be even more affordable if your project is eligible for one of the many incentive and rebate programs or tax credits. Here are some ways to find these programs:



If you are working with an ESCO or an electrical contractor to assist you with your LED high bay upgrade project, they are a valuable source of information and “know how” on what rebates or incentives might be offered for your LED retrofit. You should consult with these professionals on this subject to determine if the project is eligible for any of the many programs in your area.



Just like your desire to reduce energy consumption and costs, and be more sustainable as a company, your local utility provider is looking for ways to reduce demand placed on their energy grid. Local utility companies across the country are often providing incentives and rebates as an additional inducement to upgrade old systems to energy saving LED solutions. These rebate programs can be standardized prescriptive rebates, or like SCE’s Los Angeles and Orange Counties program, a custom program that emphasizes kilowatt savings and offers generous rebate incentives. Most programs are time limited and once the funds are spent the rebate is gone until the next budget year. Taking advantage of these programs will reduce the initial project cost and shorten the ROI.



Many websites like dsire.org can help find incentives and rebates, as well as tax credits that might apply to your LED high bay upgrade program.

Phase 1: Eligibility

Fill out contact form to confirm eligility.

Phase 2: Pre-Installation Proposal

Description of facility operations, pre/post installation conditions and incentive value.

Phase 3: Sign Program Agreement

Sign agreement for program incentive funds.

Phase 4: Pre-Installation Equip Inspections

Inspections preformed to verify pre-installation conditions. (Pre-Installation Equip Inspections Report)

Phase 5: Primary Post-Installation Inspections

Construction completed. Inspections performed to verify post-installation conditions. (Primary Post-Installation Inspection Report)

Phase 6: Post Installation Inspections

If requested by SCE, inspections performed to verify persistence of capacity and energy savings (up to 2 times per calendar year – Post-Installation Inspection Reports)

Foreverlamp has teamed up with Sterling Analytics to pursue major rebate incentives on behalf of major Southern California commercial enterprises. Southern California Edison (SCE) is offering an incredible incentive program for commercial energy users in large parts of both Los Angeles and Orange Counties for LED retrofit projects that use Foreverlamp high bay fixture and lamp upgrades.

Unlike standard rebate programs, the SCE energy efficiency program offers greater incentives and can cover a substantial portion of the total project cost. The energy efficiency upgrades offered through the SCE program are a part of the Local Capacity Requirements (LCR) initiative for resources that will help enhance the safety and reliability of the power grid in specific geographic locations, while simultaneously promoting a clean energy future for SCE customers.

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