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Typical aerospace hangars include applications for military operations and outposts, commercial aircraft repair and storage, package sorting and distribution centers, or private charter aircraft storage. Large aerospace hangars used to repair and protect aircraft are normally illuminated using inefficient and poor visual lighting systems such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium high bay lights. These low quality lighting systems create environments where it is difficult to discern colors and contrast, and have inherent maintenance issues.

The optimal working condition for aircraft maintenance hangars is an appropriate amount of light that provides high CRI and high kelvin temperatures for improved productivity and alertness. Better working conditions and lowering cost of operation is the landslide benefit of upgrading aircraft hangar lighting to more energy efficient high bay LED lights. Typical hangar ceiling heights are between 35ft – 75ft+ and requiring dependable high lumen light sources.

Foreverlamp is the leading manufacturer of high lumen, high quality high bay fixtures perfect for applications in aircraft hangars. Foreverlamp LED high bay lights are extremely efficient and provide a direct return on bottom line profit and can pay back principal investment in as little as 12 months depending on usage.

Foreverlamp LED high bay lights power thousands of high bay lighting applications across the world and are designed to provide the highest quality lighting and most flexibility for any LED high bay light application.

aerospace LED high bay Lights

Controllability of LED Fixtures.

Existing metal halide high bay lights not only consume large $/KWH of electricity, but they also are not typically controlled since the lamps have very long start up and re-start times. This is not only unsafe for working environments that need light it also means paying exorbitant energy costs for lighting that otherwise could be dimmed or turned off and on with sensors.

By contrast LED high bay lights are a highly controllable source and can either be dimmed or turned off/on with motion or daylight sensors. Foreverlamp LED high bay lights all come with highly efficient LED drivers that have 0-10V control and are compatible with all 0-10V wired and wireless control systems.

Foreverlamp has many flexible options to help you upgrade your traditional HID lighting to an energy efficient LED system.

There are two main ways to upgrade to LED hangar lights; plug and play lamps & LED high bay fixtures. Our experts can help you upgrade your traditional HID lighting to an energy efficient LED system with the simple change of a lamp.

Plug and Play LED Lamp

  • Foreverlamp plug and play LED retrofit lamps work on existing 400W, 750W and 1000W magnetically ballasted HID high bay lights – no re-wiring required!
  • Ideal for ceiling heights between 35 ft. and 50 ft.
  • Plug and play LED bulbs options for 1000W metal halide replacement include: 52,000 lumens/460 watts and 45,000 lumens/380 watts.
  • Multiple lumen packages available for plug and play bulbs to replace 400W metal halide and high pressure sodium.
  • No start up delay – Instant On
  • 60,000 Hour Lamp Life
  • Work with occupancy sensors for on/off control
  • Maintenance Free
  • 30% improvement in CRI (quality of light)
  • Energy Savings – 50%

LED High Bay Fixtures

  • New fixture options include 75,000 lumen for 1000W replacement
  • 30,000 through 20,000 lumen options for 400W replacement
  • Fixtures are controllable with 0-10V wired or wireless options.
  • Highly efficient with models exceeding 140 lm/w.
  • Many models DLC luminaire category approved
  • L70 rating up to 100,000 on specific models


RS SERIES Foreverlamp aerospace LED high bay Lights

LED Plug & Play Lamp

To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 750W Magnetic Ballast

Suggested Product: JP-1KWD-SHO-750

  • 5000K / + 70 CRI
  • 37,000 Lumens
  • 250W / 147 Lm/W
  • Saves 620W per socket
  • 3.7 lbs per lamp, 10.00” H x 9.25” W
HB5 aerospace LED high bay Lights

75,000 Lumen LED High Bay Light
Delivered Light Output: Up to 75,000 lumen
Input Power: Up to 520W
Power Source: Internal driver by Delta
CRI: + 70
CCT: 5000°K/4000°K
Input Voltage: 220-277 VAC, 277-480 VAC
Ambient Temperature: – 40°C to 65°C
Beam Spread: 100°
Weight: 20lbs

HB2 aerospace LED high bay Lights

28,000 Lumen LED High Bay Light
Delivered Light Output: Up to 28,000 lumen
Input Power: Up to 190W
Power Source: Internal driver by Delta
CRI: + 80
CCT: 5000°K/4000°K
Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC
Ambient Temperature: – 40°C to 55°C
Beam Spread: 100°
Weight: 14lbs

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