Major Hollywood Studio 


Hollywood, CA.

Studio / Warehouse


A major Hollywood Studio was looking to upgrade their existing MH fixtures with a solution that would not only reduce their carbon footprint but deliver a better quality and experience of light. The Director of Plant Services reviewed solutions from a variety of different LED lighting manufacturers and selected Foreverlamp as the optimal solution. Foreverlamp provided an easy to install solution that met the project criteria, resulted in a fast ROI, and delivered a very high quality light that is energy efficient and long lasting at 50,000 + hours.




Poor lighting conditions caused this major Hollywood sound studio to have a less productive work environment during setup and set strikes. In addition, crews would spend valuable time waiting for the MH High Bay lighting to warm up before they could work in between sets. The wait time increased the overhead on labor costs thus reducing their margins. Over 300+ inefficient metal halide bulbs burned energy at an alarming rate which set off red flags for the environmental impact department.



The Foreverlamp GS-400 Series plug and play LED lamps were used to replace over 321 existing MH lamps located throughout each sound stage. Directly following installation, the visual difference in illuminating the sound stage was very evident. The new GS-400 lamps delivered a CRI of over 83 vs. 65 of the original MH lamps. This increase of light output by more than 30% enabled the directors and crew to better see the actual colors of the set under the new and improved color temperature. With shooting up to 12 or more hours a day during full production, management also experienced the huge benefit of the “Instant On/ Off” the new lamps provided. This feature has maximized recording time in the studio since staff no longer have to wait for the MH lamps to cool down to restrike. Increase of 30% over MH Instant On / Off vs Start Up Delay of MH Average Energy Savings $47,174


Energy Savings:

  • 200W savings per fixture
  • 14 hours/day – 6 days / per week
  • Avg Payback: 1.0 year @ $0.18/kwh • Average Energy Savings $47,174

Functional benefits:

  • Better light quality over MH– CRI greater than 83
  • Much Longer Life (+50,000 hours)
  • Simple Screw Out and Screw In Replacement
  • Instant On and Instant Off



400W METAL HALIDE RETROFIT – Product Details


  • 21,000 lumen lamp with uplight to illuminate Acrylic or Glass Dome fixtures
  • Lamp Life: 60,000 hours
  • 4000K, +83 CRI (5000K standard)
  • Instant On / Off
  • Dimmable with LED driver
  • Saves 200 Watts Per Socket
  • Works with existing magnetic probe and pulse start ballast
  • Replaces traditional Metal Halide Lamps for 400W – 175W
  • Patented cooling and innovative design
  • UL Recognized. LM 79 & LM 80 Reports available
  • 5-year warranty

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