Save Energy With High Bay LED Lighting

We all make New Years’ resolutions with the best of intentions, and often fail to follow through on them. But here are some reasons why, if you own or operate manufacturing, commercial, industrial, aerospace or warehouse facilities your resolution for 2018 should be a commitment to reduce your energy consumption and operating expenses by converting to LED lighting. Calculate Energy Savings >


Least Expensive Option:

By far the best “bang for your buck” is to re-purpose your existing metal halide or high pressure sodium high bay fixtures into modern, low energy consuming LED fixtures by simply removing the existing lamps in the fixture sockets, and replacing them with plug and play LED lamps. With minimal labor cost, you can immediately upgrade your old fixtures to LED and save 50% or more on the energy consumed by your old tech lamps. For example, a facility may currently use 1000W HID lamps in magnetic ballast fixtures mounted at a height of 40’. Suppose further there are 100 of these fixtures/lamps in the facility which means when all lights are on the facility’s light bulbs are consuming 100,000W. Multiply this by the number of hours of operation and you get an idea of your energy consumption. Multiply that by the local utility company rate and you will get your cost to operate the old and inefficient lighting system.

Plug and play LED lamps that work off the existing fixture ballast and consume only 470W to produce 50,000+ lumens are available. A simple retrofit using the LED lamps will save 530W per fixture, or using our example above, a total savings of 53,000W. Other benefits and cost savings are instant on/off, better light quality, and longer life span that avoids several additional lamp replacements. View All Plug and Play Lamps >

If the ballast fails after some time has gone by, it was due to fail with or without the LED lamp. So, you can either replace the ballast which you would have had to do in any event, or get a new LED fixture with electronic driver that is compatible with the LED lamp, so you just install the new fixture and re-use the same lamp in the new fixture. Doing this as you go is a lot less expensive than incurring the up-front expense of by passing the ballast and avoids having line voltage running directly to the fixture socket; a configuration for which the fixture was not initially designed and could pose a safety hazard for subsequent re-lamping operators.


Fixtures Are Due to be Replaced:

Your facility has 1000W high bay fixtures that are over 20 years old, and the ballasts are slowly beginning to fail. The ballast itself actually consumes an additional 150W of energy above the 1000W that the metal halide lamps use. So, the total system watts being consumed, again assuming 100 fixtures, are 1,150W per fixture for a total of 115,000W.

Retrofitting with a new LED fixture on a one for one basis is your solution. An LED fixture to replace the old 1,150W fixture consumes only 522 total system watts. So, your savings is 628W per fixture, or a total of 62,800W for all 100 fixtures. The new LED fixture will also provide instant on/off and higher light quality. View All LED High Bay Fixtures >



You can further increase your cost and energy savings by adding controls to your new system, such as occupancy sensors or photo sensors. While controls do add to the acquisition cost, they can end up saving big money for you by providing light only where light is needed.

Facility Managers and Capital Budgets:

If you are the one responsible for the facility lighting, no doubt you are aware of the benefits of LED systems, but may not have the budget even for a plug and play lamp solution. In these times that is no longer an obstacle. Many Lighting as a Service (LaaS) options are readily available. You can think of these options as basically a no cash up front, lease like solution. You basically “lease” your ceiling lighting out to the LaaS provider and pay nothing up front to upgrade to LED. On a monthly basis, you and the LaaS provider share the energy savings so you use a portion of the savings to pay for the system monthly, and the balance is right to your company’s bottom line. You will be a hero to your company by providing better quality state of the art lighting, saving energy costs, and doing it all without spending a penny of up-front money. Learn More About (LaaS) >



Whatever else you may resolve to do in 2018, you should commit to replace your old HID high bay lamps or fixture with an LED high bay lighting solution. Every day that goes by in 2018 before you make the switch is another day you are losing money you could otherwise be saving. And the environment benefits right along with you.

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