LD+A Magazine is a monthly professional publication dedicated to the art, science, study, and reporting on manufacturing, teaching and implementation of lighting. In 2016, LD+A received the prestigious EXCEL Golden Award from the Association Media & Publishing organization. So, FOREVERLAMP was very honored when LD+A Magazine published an article on the FOREVERLAMP HB Series of High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures.


The article reported that the HB Classic Series provides numerous lumen options as well as an option for “true uplight”. The HB Series includes LED High Bay lighting fixtures that provide lumen packages ranging from 20,000 to 66,000+ lumens. These exceptionally efficient LED high bay lighting fixtures include models that exceed the DLC premium category requirements of 130 lumens per watt, and replace HID fixtures ranging from 250W up to 1,000W.


It is no mystery why LD+A would comment on the HB Series on the cutting edge of current High Bay LED lighting and High Bay LED Fixtures.


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