Light Directory, the professional lighting product and news source publication released an industry news release featuring the new FOREVERLAMP High Bay LED Fixture Series, the HB Classic Series on May 1, 2017. This new classically styled LED high bay fixture series provides many lumen options with interchangeable LED bulbs, true uplight options, as well as powerful

One-piece integrated designs (IP64) that exceed DLC premium category requirements. Lumen packages range from 20,000 to over 66,000 lumens and replace from 250W to 1000W HID high bay fixtures.


The new high bay LED fixtures or FOREVERLAMP’s mogul based plug and play LED lamps allow a facility owner or operator multiple options to either repurpose existing HID fixtures to LED, or to fully upgrade to a new LED high bay lighting fixture system. These FOREVERLAMP LED lighting products offer a wide array of choices to the customer wanting to upgrade to LED lighting. The choice can be as simple as replacing a light bulb, or exchanging an old HID fixture out for the simple, light weight and versatile high bay LED fixture from the HB Classic Series.


No matter what your high bay lighting LED retrofit design plans may be, FOREVERLAMP has an LED lamp or LED high bay fixture that will meet your demand.

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