E M & C’s Editor-in–Chief, Mike Eby attended Lightfair International 2017 in Philadelphia, PA, walking the show halls and viewing thousands of products on display by the numerous exhibitors in attendance. And at the end of the day the FOREVERLAMP HB Classic Series high bay LED fixture was selected by Mr. Eby as a “Top Ten” product to be exhibited at LFI 2017.


FOREVERLAMP released its HB Classic Series at LFI 2017 and Mr. Eby was not the only trained eye that was focused on this incredible LED high bay fixture design series. The HB Classic series is designed to be both eye catching as well as very versatile so it can offer the maximum number of high bay lighting solutions for the end user. This high bay lighting fixture series offers a solution for LED upgrades from 250W to 1000W HID fixtures.


The HB 1 Classic model is an IP54 design with socket and removable lamp, compatible with FOREVERLAMP’s PS and GS model mogul base LED plug and play lamps. This modular design allows the end user to customize the Classic fixture by selecting the lumen and wattage package needed for the particular application. If needed, a true uplight LED lamp can be used to fully light the fixture optic and ceiling above, or all the lumen output can be directed downward if that is where the light is needed. Lumen packages from 18,000 to 26,000 lumens are available.


The HB 2 Classic model is designed with an integrated LED package (IP64), and provides 26,000 lumens while consuming a total of 186 system watts. This model is DLC premium category qualified and actually exceeds the minimum DLC requirements. If more lumen output is needed, the HB series has a solution up to the HB 5, an LED replacement for a 1000W HID fixture.


The versatility, lumen output, efficiency, light quality and many other features of these LED high bay fixtures are truly cutting edge in technology. But FOREVERLAMP also believes the Classic Series look and design is what initially caught Mr. Eby’s attention. As high bay LED fixtures go, the FOREVERLAMP HB Classic Series design is very easy on the eyes.

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