The BIG LUMEN Lighting Co., creator of the award-winning Foreverlamp™ LED Retrofit Lamp Series, announced that its HB™ Series High-Bay LED fixtures have been added to the DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL). As an innovator and leader in high power, high lumen lighting, the HB Series High-Bay, combined with the Foreverlamp LED replacement lamps, have been approved by DLC in the Replacement Lamps for High-Bay Luminaires (Type C) category.

The BIG LUMEN Lighting Co. DLC Approved LED HB Series™ high-bay fixture was designed specifically to replace a 400W HID fixture delivering value, performance, and over 50% savings on energy costs compared to MH and HPS systems.  By utilizing the latest advancements in solid state technology and product innovation, the BIG LUMEN Lighting Co. designed an energy efficient, lightweight, yet powerful “Big Lumen” high-bay. The HB Series™ fixture is available with a choice of lumen packages from 18,000 to 27,000 lumens and comes with a high-efficiency dimming LED driver. In addition to being DLC approved, the HB Series™ fixtures are also UL and CE listed.

HB-Series“There is a strong demand to retrofit HID fixtures to LED systems. Our new HB Series fixtures allow facility owners to take advantage of the lowest cost path to upgrade: A plug and play lamp that transforms their HID system into an LED system or where needed a new fixture that uses that same Foreverlamp screw in bulb with a high efficiency driver and fixture. Combine the two on the same project and it guarantees the most cost effective and sustainable LED upgrade to a facilities lighting. This upgrade allows the customer to save approximately 50% in energy reductions and maintenance costs and reduce their overall carbon footprint,” commented Jim Sekinger, COO of Foreverlamp. “We are a unique provider in the fact that we offer a variety of versatile and affordable solutions for both new and retrofit construction. Our new DLC approved HB Series™ provides a high power, energy savings high-bay solution featuring our award-winning LED lamps. Our Foreverlamp™ LED Retrofit Lamp Series™ can retrofit existing MH and HPS lamps that use magnetic ballasts with the simple replacement of a lamp. Our powerful solutions provide a big advantage for building owners and warehouse managers that are looking to minimize cost and maximize results.”

Foreverlamp’s award-winning products from The BIG LUMEN Lighting Co.™ have been installed in commercial applications from big box retail, warehouses, studios, sports centers, aerospace, convention centers and more across the US and Europe for over 6 years since the companies launch in 2010. As a market leader in high power, high lumen lighting, Foreverlamp™ replacement lamps have been installed in over 100 sites that retrofitted more than 500 fixtures per site. No other manufacturer of LED Replacement lamps can come close to this claim.

The BIG LUMEN Lighting Co.™ HB Series High-Bay Fixture features include:

  • LED Indoor High-Bay Luminaire
  • DLC Qualified Product
  • Replace 400W HID Fixtures
  • Compact / Lightweight – 12 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16″ w x 20.67″ h
  • Simple Mounting: Hook and Cord, Plug
  • Housing constructed with Copper Free Aluminum
  • Acrylic or Aluminum Lens
  • Typical payback is < 24 months
  • 5 year system warranty
  • Versatile selection of Foreverlamp™ lumen packages that deliver CRI>83
    • 17,000 to 27,000 lumens
    • Rated for > 50,000 Hours
    • 110lm / W
    • Instant On / Off
    • No UV /  No Mercury
    • Up-light – 7% on selected models

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