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Convention centers have large square footage floor plans with sprawling convention halls. These massive event spaces require a lot of lighting to satisfy the demands of event planners, promoters and visitors whose events are held at these busy centers. However, increased convention activity also increases lighting demand and energy consumption. Upgrading to new high bay LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 50% or more and can lead to paybacks of 6 months or less.

When traditional metal halide (MH) or HPS lamps age they experience lumen depreciation; significantly reducing light quality and brightness. Labor and material costs of re-lamping negatively impact annual bottom line profitability. However, converting existing convention center lighting to modern LED high bay lighting is simple and affordable.

Foreverlamp LED lamps are plug and play so, they screw directly into the existing magnetic ballast socket, immediately improving light quality, reducing energy consumption and labor costs due to the ease of installation and their long-life span. LED lamps also provide instant on/off performance, eliminating the need to wait for lamps to warm up and also avoiding the damage from users trying to turn MH or HSP lamps on while still “hot”.

Convention Center LED high bay Lights

LED Lamps & Fixtures.

Convention centers have a myriad of lighting applications that can be improved with better light quality and energy savings. Foreverlamp offers applications ranging from complete, new, DLC premium category fixtures to simply replacing the old MH or HSP lamps with our new LED lamps, all in an array of lumens and wattages to meet your needs. Whatever the lighting need, there is a Foreverlamp product that meets the demand.

Recommended Products

LED Retrofit Lamp

To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 750W Magnetic Ballast

Suggested Product: RS-1KWD-SHO-850

  • 5000K / + 83 CRI
  • 45,000 Lumens
  • 380W / 118 Lm/W
  • Saves 620W per socket
  • $1,908 accumulated savings over 30K hours
  • 3.3 lbs per lamp, 10.28” H x 7.89” W

Suggested Product: RS-1KWD-MHO-850

  • 5000K / + 83 CRI
  • 52,000 Lumens
  • 460W / 112 Lm/W
  • Saves 530W per socket
  • $2,407 accumulated savings over 30K hours
  • 3.3 lbs per lamp, 10.28” H x 7.89” W
HB Classic Series LED Lights

LED Retrofit Lamp

Very High Output To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 400W Magnetic Ballast. Suggested Product: GS-400U-VHO - 850

  • 5000K / + 83 CRI
  • 24,000 Lumens
  • 210W / 114  Lm/W
  • Uplight / Downlight
  • Saves 190W per socket
  • $1,425 accumulated savings over 30K hours
  • 2.30 lbs. / 9.06"H x 6.6"W


To Replace Traditional Metal Halide Lamps on existing 400W Magnetic Ballast

Suggested Product:  PS-400D-HO-850

  • 5000K / + 83 CRI
  • HO – 21,000 Lumens / 190 watts
  • Saves 240-210W per socket
  • $1,680 accumulated savings over 30K hours
  • 1.95 lbs per lamp, 8.50” H x 5.57” W

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