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Better Profitability With Better Lighting.

Up to 50% of the electricity cost for automotive dealerships comes from lighting. And while you may have focused on your exterior lighting there is great value to be unlocked by updating and upgrading the interior lighting from your showrooms to your car wash to your service bays. New LED lighting not only improves the dealerships profitability with lower electricity costs but can improve productivity and merchandising.

Bad lighting in auto showrooms can be a disaster on sales and the customer experience. LED lighting for your showrooms is a critical component in presenting automobile inventory in a way that enhances the look of the inventory but also puts customers at ease with a feeling of well-being. High CRI plug and play lamps will immediately pay for themselves in energy efficiency while providing an inviting atmosphere for your customers and employees.

By switching to LED lighting in your service bays you’ll improve the quality of light by 40% over old fashioned and inefficient metal halide lighting which directly impacts productivity. In addition you can eliminate those nuisance long wait times for your HID lighting to turn on. Upgrade to LED lighting – improve safety and security with instant on lighting.

Drastically cut your energy use in those car washes by converting to a water-tight industrial LED high bay. Foreverlamp industrial fixtures are IP66 rated and up to 30,000 lumens and can withstand the tough environment that a car wash exposes your lighting to while cutting the energy use by 50% or more.

Foreverlamp high bay LED lighting solutions provide the most economical path to upgrade your lighting from simple plug and play bulbs to high performance luminaires.

Your choices in lighting have implications not only for safety, well-being, and productivity but also profitability.

auto dealership LED high bay Lights

Case Study

South Bay Ford lowered their energy use while improving productivity by switching to LED lighting. South Bay Ford needed desperately to increase their lighting in the service bays.

Low lighting conditions made it difficult for mechanics to repair cars and see small parts. By simply screwing out the old inefficient lamps and screwing in Foreverlamp plug and play lamps, they immediately saved money and improved their working conditions.

Recomended Products

bay led lamp

LED Retrofit Lamp

Very High Output To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 400W Magnetic Ballast. Suggested Product: GS-400U-VHO - 850

  • 5000K / + 83 CRI
  • 24,000 Lumens
  • 210W / 114  Lm/W
  • Uplight / Downlight
  • Saves 190W per socket
  • $1,425 accumulated savings over 30K hours
  • 2.30 lbs. / 9.06"H x 6.6"W
bay led lamp

LED Retrofit Lamp

Very High Output To Replace Traditional MH Lamps on existing 400W Magnetic Ballast. Suggested Product: GS-400D-VVHO - 850

  • 5000K / 83 CIR
  • 27,000 lumens
  • 230W / 117 lm/w
  • Saves 530w per socket
  • $1,270 accumulated savings over 30,000 hours
  • 2.3lbs per lamp / 9.06"H x 6.6"W

High Bay LED Fixture

To Replace 400W HID Fixtures

Suggested Product: HB-1-54-27D-850-12-HAD>106LM/W

  • Total Fixture Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Copper Free Aluminum Housing
  • Total System Power: 250W / 27,000 lm
  • Foreverlamp LED Lamps: 5000K / 103 Lm/W
  • Avg. Energy Cost: $.10/kwh
  • Avg. Payback < 12 months

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