Foreverlamp™, a leader in LED high bay lighting solutions, has partnered with Delta Electronics Group to develop the electronic power supplies for its’ latest LED lighting fixtures; the Classic High Bay Series. Foreverlamp previously chose Delta to supply their highly-efficient, quiet, safe, and smart ventilation fans that is key to Foreverlamp’s active internal cooling management system for its’ plug and play LED high bay lamps. The strategic engineering and design partnership between Foreverlamp and Delta Electronics resulted in an innovative and reliable LED solution to replace older, less efficient high bay lighting.

Jim Sekinger, COO of Foreverlamp states, “It was an easy decision to turn to Delta, the global leader in power and thermal management solutions, to develop the custom LED drivers that we were looking for to fit the stringent performance and mechanical requirements for the 200W and 600W Foreverlamp Classic LED fixture models”.

Delta is the original design manufacturer of choice for many Fortune 500 companies so when Foreverlamp needed a uniquely shaped LED driver that would not only fit inside the Classic Series fixture housing but also provide many years of reliable performance, Delta was an natural choice.

The new Foreverlamp Classic Series LED high bay fixtures powered by Delta debuted this spring at Lightfair International with overwhelming accolades for its design. The Classic Series LED high bay fixture was featured in E C & M , LEDs Magazine, Modern Materials Handling Magazine, LEDinside, Light Directory and Electrical News.

The Foreverlamp LED high bay lights are exceptionally efficient, versatile, and produce significantly improved light quality over traditional HID high bay fixtures of the past.  The HB1 Classic model has a modular design with a socket and removable LED lamp which provides various lumen output options. The HB1 fixture with the VHO-Premium lumen LED lamp produces 26,000 lumens with true up-light and consumes a meager 190 total system watts,  136 lumens per watt, with a CRI of 83.  The Foreverlamp HB1 replaces 400W HID fixtures that generally use 456 total system watts.

The HB2 Classic model has an integrated LED package that exceeds the DLC Premium category requirements for lumens per watt.  The HB2 uses only 186 total system watts; 138 lumens per watt.  This fixture also produces 26,000 lumens with partial up-light.  If more powerful lighting is needed for higher ceiling mounting applications, the powerhouse HB5 Classic model will replace existing 1000W HID fixtures.

Foreverlamp is a commercial & industrial LED lighting company founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen, former president of Philips Lighting and Electronics Group. Foreverlamp designs, engineers and manufactures LED lamps and fixtures specifically for replacing HID high bay lighting. Headquartered in Torrance, CA, Foreverlamp also has regional offices in Beijing, Taipei and Tokyo. For more information visit


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